I am a volume eater.  I love huge salads with tons of yummy niblets on top.  Bacon and pecans are two items I am loving right now!


Shrimp Salad

This stuff is awesome!  I eat it plain, on a bed of lettuce, or use high-protein pretzels (I likeWonderslim Pretzel Bows) and eat it as a dip!


Shrimp  (I use the Harris Teeter kind that is frozen)

Olive Oil Mayonnaise (I like Kraft)


Red onion


Lemon Juice


Directions:  Boil shrimp.  Peel Shrimp.  Cut Shrimp.  Put shrimp in a large mixing bowl.  Cut parsley.  Cut red onion.  Cut celery.  Put these in the same bowl as the shrimp.  Add mayo.  Add lemon juice.  Add salt and pepper.





Delicious Salad! Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onions, just a few Shredded carrots, feta cheese. Toss in red wine vinegar and a little olive oil. I topped my with a few slices of avocado too!


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