September Project 12: Rooftop210

On Wednesday, I helped host a really special event on the rooftop of the Epicentre in uptown Charlotte.  It was a donation yoga class, the second in a 4-part series I am leading this month for Project 12.

This was not done alone.  I had so much help with this event…My friend Kaitlin knows the people needed to book this awesome venue.  The DJ donated his time, energy and equipment.  Representatives (like the CEO!) from Haven Collective Yoga came from New York to showcase their new fall line.  (They also outfitted my models and donated a portion of sales to Thompson. ) My friend Sarah made the promotional flyers.  So many friends helped by sharing this event on social media.   Wanda Koch came out and donated her gift and photographed the event.  (I’ll go ahead and give photo credit in this blog post to her!)


I invited yoga teachers from different studios to come out and volunteer their time to assist, model clothing, and stand proud in this amazing yoga community we have here in Charlotte.  Studios represented were Okra, Laughing Buddha, Charlotte Yoga, YMCAs of Charlotte,  Carolina Sweat, The Cornwell Center, Y2 Yoga, Tryon Street Yoga, and Gotta Yoga.  (There are many more amazing studios in this city…I just ran out of outfits I was allowed to give away!)


The beautiful models were fitted for their outfits!  From left to right, Lauren Schwaiger, Ashley Masters, and Melissa Hickock.


Warming up before photos start!


The yoga students arrive, and we start in child’s pose.


There were a little over 50 yoga students and 7 people assisting.  That is an awesome ratio!


Tree Pose.


Ahhhhh.  Getting an assist every third pose is pretty glorious!


I had to put these yogis through a little bit of core work!


These fierce warriors raised $272 cash, 15 tubes of toothpaste, and even a few toothbrushes!


What a beautiful place to be in the body, and a beautiful view as well.



One last crazy shot!

I am constantly amazed at the support this community has, how giving and generous all these souls are…and I am so grateful to be a part of it.  Wednesdy was a truly magical night…I still get choked up thinking about it.  The energy on that rooftop was true love and light.

Don’t miss the last donation class!  Saturday 9/26 6:30pm at Charlotte Yoga!
(all proceeds go to Thompson…cash, check or toothpaste!)

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