My mom made a comment after my last two posts (Facial hair and Orange is the New Black ) that she wished the blog could go back to recipes.  In her honor, the next few posts will be appropriate for all audiences.  I can’t promise anything after that.

First it was the holidays, then the all-inclusive retreat in Mexico.  My eating habits were starting to fall, which means stomach issues and weight gain for me.   I have really tried to clean up my diet the past couple of weeks.  I know that diet is so much a part of being fit, healthy and lean.  It doesn’t matter how much you work out…you have to keep your diet clean.  I like to keep my very high protein, high healthy fat, high veggie, and super low carb.  This is works best for me to keep my UC in check.  This is also how I have kept off the 70 pounds I gained with both of my pregnancies.  (74lbs and 68lbs to be exact.  Yes.  I was a house.  The entire White House– since I am obsessed with Scandal I must make a reference.)


This pie chart is a great depiction of the Body Beautiful/Body Healthy.  (The Eat-Clean Diet:  Recharged by Tosca Rena)

So, we had shrimp this week.  Lots of shrimp, lots of ways.  Shrimp is a super food in my book.  A three ounce serving of shrimp (about 14 medium shrimp) has 90 calories, 1 gram of fat and 17 grams of protein.   Shrimp is also a good source of iron. One serving of shrimp has 11 percent of your daily recommended amount of iron.  (I know it is high in cholesterol…I’m good.)

We had a 2 pound bag of shrimp in the freezer.  I played one shrimp, two shrimp, red shrimp, blue shrimp.

One night it was bacon wrapped.  See the recipe here.


I boiled some shrimp, put it on ice.  I peeled it and ate it cold with this amazing spicy horseradish.  Ketchup and bottled cocktail sauce are super sugary, so I make my own using this, and a little bit of crushed tomatoes.  Delish!


This was by far my favorite!  I sautéed some shrimp with Cajun seasoning…added diced avocado, cherry tomatoes and cilantro.  Bestest ever.

I wish I had made some shrimp salad…I copied this recipe from what I think the Fresh Market puts in theirs.  It is delish.

Happy Shrimping! 

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  1. It was a disappointment and an “A-Ha…” moment when I realized I could only blame my body with a 10% genetic mark….like your chart reads on this blog. Thanks for the encouragement.

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