Sneak Peek into September


I am a planner.  I like to be prepared.  I am not anal.  Just scheduled. I wasn’t sure if any of you were like me, so I wanted to give you a heads up about my September Project 12.  Get out your planners!  (yes. I still have a planner that I write in.  with a ballpoint pen. not a stylus.)


I am teaching several donation based yoga classes next month.  All proceeds go to Thompson Children’s Home.  Remember back in April, when I was supposed to volunteer 12 hours with them and I didn’t?  I promised I would make it up with something really super amazing and  awesome?  I found that something really super amazing and  awesome!

This is it.  I set my goal at $1200.   I am secretly hoping to crush that goal and raise a lot more though.   I really want to get one of those giant checks and present it to them.    Bring a friend and come flow for a great cause!


Saturday 9/6  7:30-8:30am at Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio

Sunday 9/14 9:30-10:30am at Vital Yoga Center

Wednesday 9/17 6:30-7:30pm at Rooftop210 at the Epicenter.  (DJ Jazzy Jimmy is going to spin it out while we vinyasa!  There will food and cocktail specials for after yoga…. and the amazing Wanda Koch will be photographing this event. )

Saturday 9/20 2:00-3:00pm at OM Yoga

Thursday 9/25 9:30-10:30am at The Cornwell Center


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