I love that we have the four seasons in Charlotte. (sort of.)  And I am glad that winter is usually the shortest.  (major.)  People are going crazy over this snow. (myself included.  I cried yesterday.  of course. because that’s what I do.)

It is beautiful, but I am already over it.  I  hate being cooped up in the house all day!  In preparation for this snowpocalyse, I ate almost an entire bag of marshmallows yesterday.    Mistake number one.  I woke up feeling like I may have been run over by a train, a pounding headache, and my whole face was puffy.  Sugar=no Bueno.  (I may have also eaten some sour gummy worms yesterday.   and a cookie.  These would be mistake two and three if you are keeping up. )

I needed to move my body in a big way today.  There was no way I was driving in this crazy weather, considering I don’t drive well under normal conditions.  (Remember this tire incident?)  So, my daughter and I rolled out our mats and did yoga (SNOWGA!) for an hour.  I feel so much better after this.  My headache is gone, my body feels awesome, and my mind is clear!



I threw together three dishes containing no sugar to get me through the next few days.  (four,  if you include sugar-free green jello)


Two pounds of frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot.  Cooked all night long, so now it just falls apart!  Juicy and delicious!


I made this amazing casserole with half of the chicken, 2 eggs, 2 cups of extra sharp shredded cheddar, and a package of frozen baby bud broccoli florets.  Bake for 30 minutes and eat it up.  (this picture is before I baked it)


The other half of the chicken went into a pot to make an amazing chicken chili!  These will keep us warm (and away from carbs) during this snowmageddon.


And last, but not least…Snow Cream!  YUM!  I made this high class version using sugar free white chocolate syrup instead of sugar and vanilla extract.  I also used an organic lactose-free coffee creamer instead of milk.   It was Snowlicious!


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