So Far, So Good

I have felt great this week eating clean and exercising.  My energy levels are back, I have slept great,  and I even lost a few pounds.  Isn’t that crazy how your body thanks you for treating it well?  My friend and I have walked a few times this week, and I got do some yoga with some high school students at Charlotte Country Day.  I wish I had started yoga in high school, or even college.   I have a friend who always says she doesn’t know how she could have made it through college without yoga.  How amazing is that?


This has made an appearance in my coffee.  Not as good as half and half, but definitely better than unsweetened almond milk.


My favorite on-the-go shake.  This flavor taste like a Tootsie roll.


I used to love tuna and ate it all the time.  It has made a come back.  I love these pouches too.  (It is one less thing to weigh/measure and I am really watching my portions.  I had a pouch plain one day, topped a salad another, and my favorite was mixed with an avocado for breakfast.


I know this looks gross, but it was amazing!  I used a whole avocado (4 ounces) and a package of tuna.  It was only 270 calories, but this mix up of protein and healthy fat got me through my morning workout, and all my errands.  (I knew I was having a late lunch this day.)


These were a hit for dinner this week.  Mini meatloaf!  The bottom are made with only lean beef, and egg and worchestershire sauce.  The top ones are made with turkey, egg whites and poultry seasoning.  These minis went perfect with a huge chopped salad I made.

I have been playing around with mixing up protein shakes and bars this week too!  Stay tuned for some amazing recipes!  (One is for protein pancakes!)


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