Spring Break 2013

This could be my life…

Cheat Meal- Sweet Frogs! Toasted Marshmallow fro yo with hot fudge, white chocolate chips, and hot pink sprinkles!

Over this break from school, I tried to sub as many yoga classes as possible, and even auditioned at another studio. (and nailed it…yay!)  I wanted to see if I could do it physically and how I would feel at the end of the day.

I hung out with my kids, practiced a bunch of yoga, saw a movie, went out to lunch, candy crushed it up, tried some new recipes for dinner,  and went out to lunch a few times.  I had time and energy for these things.  And…

It was heaven. 

Is this what my life could be like?  Feeling dehydrated from teaching 4 classes a day at a hot studio, but loving that exhausted-who cares how tired I am-I love this feeling?  I felt happy all week.  I was surrounded by positive energy, and my heart felt all glowy.  You know that feeling?  Some people call it bliss.

As I waiver back and forth on my decision, I lean more toward feeling happy and light.  I lean more toward feeling appreciated and wanted.  I lean more toward feeling bliss from inside than bliss from the money I would make if I stayed.

I choose me. *

*If anyone knows how I can get some cheap health insurance, holla at me. 

*And if anyone know how to convince a boss to pay for their employee’s (and possibly his kids) health insurance, that wife could possibly get free yoga at a really awesome studio and/or private lessons.  You know who you are. 

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