Spring Break 2014

Yes.  Spring Break is still a thing for me.  I even shouted, “Spring Break 2014” while I was teaching one of my yoga classes on Monday.   It was simply for motivation.

My kids have been looking forward to Spring Break for months now.  I am not sure why… we never travel…unless you count the Charlotte area Targets.  We just stay around here and do stuff besides go to school.  ( Like go to Target.)  I let them each pick a few things they really wanted to do this week.   Surprisingly,  they agreed on a few things.  One being doing some crafts.  (I died a little on the inside, but sucked it up.  I’m just not that crafty mom.  I want to be.  I try.  I’m just not.  Remember these sand candles?)   Just you wait.   Next post.  Or the next.


We went to Target for the seventh time since Saturday and stocked up on gum.  I’m more of a gum mom than a craft mom.  So instead of cool scrapbook scissors, pretty ribbons, or double-sided tape,  we have a gum drawer.  (I am an amazing mom.)   I love dessert delight gum.  It makes me think I am really eating a key lime pie, or peach cobbler.


Then there was this.  I must have forgotten my awesome dessert gum, or that I am an amazing mom because this happened this morning.   I ate this package of peeps that was supposed to go in my son’s Easter basket.  It took all of 20 seconds for them to disappear.  It will probably take 20 days for my stomach to unfeel the effects of that sugar.  (Sugar and my UC do not get along)


I made up for it at lunch.  (Yes.  I ate the peeps at 9am)  Lettuce wich.


My son was delighted to hear his order being called.  “PB and Honey for Coo-Coo!”  I died laughing and my daughter died of embarrassment.


I made it up to her by taking her to the nail salon.   But embarrassed her again by trying on every color they had in stock.  (I went with ring finger pink…she went with middle finger silver.)

We went to see Rio 2.  Hilarious.  But the whole theater smelled like diapers.  I’m serious.  And we went to Ballantyne and everything.  My kids are at such awesome ages, I don’t like to be reminded of past smells.  Or future sights.  No diapers and no belly button rings.  I like them just the way they are.   Easy to beat in Rumikub.


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