Spring Break Crafts

My kids are on Spring Break, and we are not at Disney World like all their friends.  I improvise by doing crafts at home.   (Because that is basically the same as Disney world, right?)

I want to be that really fun crafty mom.  I try…I really do.  (I let my kids paint one time.) I just can’t be.  I hate all the mess, all the ingredients, all the stuff.  I can’t bake with my kids because I inhale all the goodies at the end.  We have to only bake stuff like kale chips around here.

This is about as close as it gets around here…

First up:  The Grapefruit Candle:


I found this awesome idea somewhere, so we did this.   Don’t waste your time.  This project blows.  The stem would barely light.    It smelled like nothing and we all had to eat a grapefruit.

Second Try:  Gummy Bear Popsicles



We give this little tasty craft an A+.  Super quick, easy and no mess.




Last Craft on the Agenda:  Molton Magic Easter Eggs.  (because just simply dying easter eggs is so last week.)

These were really cool!  Get a bunch of crayons and shave them into little piles.  Boil the eggs, but don’t let them cool.  Sprinkle the crayon shavings on the hot eggs.  They melt and form these awesome patterns.  We dyed them after the eggs cooled, but the dye didn’t really show up, so I would just skip that part.


I can’t wait to see what our egg salad looks like on Sunday night!  🙂

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  1. I’m so disappointed… I saw this fruit idea too and have been wanting to try it. I’m glad you tried it though so I don’t have to waste my time 🙂

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