Spring Favorites

Happy Thursday!  Its time for another favorites post!  Would it be weird if I said one of my favorites is posting my favorites?


1.  Flowers.  More specifically daises.  I have alternated between white and yellow for April and May.  Fresh flowers are a must in my house now.  They make me smile every time I see them.  In case I have new readers, my dad died in January, and as part of the eulogy, I mentioned his love for giving flowers to the living.  In the days after he passed away, my house was filled with flowers that friends and family.   I loved it.  During an extremely difficult time in my life, it was a bright spot to look up and see the fresh flowers.  Now that that the “casserole” stage is over, I just go and get flowers for myself.  I buy a big bunch for around $12, and split the flowers into 3 vases.  One for the kitchen, one for our room, and one in the guest bathroom.  Daises seem to last around a month…totally worth the money!


2.  This app.  It is free, so go get it now.  I love that these are real people’s playlists!  You just click explore, and you can select 2 themes.  I love mash up/workout for exercising, and chill/summer for making dinner.


3.  Start following these fools on Instagram.  I know the name is inappropriate, and so are most of the posts.  But it’s hilarious.  I am pretty sure this was a suggestion from my friend Katie, who writes for Charlotte Agenda. (this new site should be in this top ten list too.)


4.  This Nivea In-Shower body lotion is everything.  Just like the name says, you put it on in the shower.  I sometimes forget to put lotion on after I shower, and most days I do several showers depending on my teaching schedule. Sometimes I forget to put on lotion on purpose because it is summer and lotions feel all sticky and sweaty.  My daughter even loves this stuff.  Not greasy and leaves skin silky smooth.  Plus, I feel like I am saving a step in the grooming routine.  (I know I am not.  I said it FEELS like I am.)


5.  Bright nails.  I have said good-bye to my old faithfuls, bubble bath fingers and cherry red toes for fun and funky shades.  These are orange and I have baby blue on my nails right now.


6.  Egg Laying Season!  Our chickens (We are back up to 8 again!) are laying like crazy.  We have two bantums (petite sized adults) come visit for a bit, but my big girls didn’t like them.  See how little the bantum eggs are?  My kids had the hardest time believing the bantams were not babies.  Just like humans, some are born with big bones and some are born with little bones.  (My son used the comparison of me and my trainer at Carolina Sweat…I am not the cute little petite bantam in this case.  I am the big ole mean, big-boned Rhode Island Red.)


7.  Fried egg on a burger.  When I was doing my zero carb month, I told you about eating a hamburger patty everyday.  I still do.  I just add and egg on top.  And tomatoes, avocado, and sometimes bacon.  And wrap it in romaine.  YUM.


8.  This book.  My friend Blake gave it to me a few weeks ago and it is one of those books that really speak to you.  I like to call these,  “Power Books”.  Power Books (Jen Hatmaker, Danielle LaPorte, Gabrielle Bernstein) are the books you read and the words pop out at you.  You laugh, you cry, you feel like a fire is lighting up in your belly.  You can take on the world when you read a power book.  This book focuses on intentions.  Setting intentions, connecting to intentions, how to overcome obstacles, and how your intentions impact others.


9.  Music.  Purity Ring’s new album is amazing.  You can check out my other music obsessions HERE.


10.  This tank.  My friend Barb got it for me as a gift last week and I have already wash and worn it several times.  Barb is one of my yoga students and once we got to know each other, our souls connected.  She has a blog, (CLICK HERE)where she writes deeply and honestly about losing her daughter, Libby to cancer over a year ago.  Want to get a shirt?  CLICK HERE, and scroll down to find the tank.  (They run big) Five bucks of every shirt goes to Team Libstrong.

What are your favorites right now?  Leave me a comment and let me know! XO





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