Chickens Hatched! 


I have learned so much about chickens in the past few years, it is amazing.

There were 43 eggs placed in the incubator 21 days ago, and we have 27 healthy chicks now!  Usually only about half make it.  I’m so excited!

Last Friday, we did a process called “candling.”  This is where incubated eggs are held up to a candle to determine whether they are fertile and, if fertile, to check the growth and development of the embryo.   A small reddish area with blood vessels extending away from it will be visible in fertile eggs. This is the embryo floating around inside the egg, looking like a huge red spider.  We put question marks on the eggs that were hard to tell because the shell was so thick.

In about 8-10 weeks, we should be able to determine the sex of the chickens.  The roosters start growing these really long,…really thick…really hard…




NECKS.  (get your minds out of the gutter)  Seriously, roosters have long, thick hard necks.  They also start to form the comb.  By then our chicken coop should be built and I can bring home my girls!

Again–Who wants some eggs?

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