Summer Rules


Summer is here and in full effect.  This is the first summer in many years that I am actually working.  (That was one really awesome benefit of being a teacher!)  My kids are going to a few camps, but other than that, they are going to be many days where they just have to tough it out.  Sometimes they have a sitter come over, sometimes they are staying by themselves, and some of the times they have to come with me wherever I am teaching.    (plus, aren’t camps so expensive?)


As a family, we made our annual Summer Bucket List.  We included some of our favorites from last year, (plus ones we didn’t get to, like picking berries!) and added a few new ones for this summer. Of course,  my kids want to include fun stuff like riding go-carts, and going to the White Water Center.  I also force encourage them to add in service stuff like watering the church garden, and taking baked goods for the fireman.   And they are really excited about our educational challenge of reading 100 books together as a family.  My daughter is designing a bulletin board so we can track our progress!

Back to the whole me working thing.  I set up three rules for the summer.

1.  Everyone makes their bed
2.  Everyone helps to straighten the house.
3.  Mommy has to exercise.


This can mean I leave them for an hour and go take a yoga class, or I walk around the neighborhood, or we all head to the Y early before the pool opens.  Just 30 minutes on the elliptical (and the 30 day ab challenge!) and I am a new person.  Last Wednesday was our first official day of summer and the first official day of the new summer rules.  We were out of the house in time to exercise and hit the pool for a few hours before I had to teach a class at 3.


I was so refreshed and renewed after my  little workout that I finally notice my son’s choice of footwear for the day.  His answer?  “But I made my bed!”

How about you?  Do you make summer rules?  How about a summer bucket list or something similar?

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11 thoughts on “Summer Rules”

  1. What a great idea, Even as an empty-nester, this is still a great idea to keep things in perspective/focus. Otherwise, I get lost in doing one things and forget about other priorities. For crying out loud, if I don’t make myself reminder, I forget about my weekly blog! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your idea of this list. My children are only 2 1/2 and 9 months but this will definitely be put into use next summer. I love how you even scheduled time for yourself.

    1. Thanks Helena! I did not make time for myself for many years, and I was anxious and depressed. I make that a priority now. I call yoga my drug of choice, so I have to get it in.

    1. Yes!! I try to limit the time my kids spend in front of screens. Because real LIFE happens off line!

  3. I LOVE your son’s shoes. We have a pretty good idea of how our summer will pay out and the calendar is a huge part of that. This year my oldest is 19 and he has planned a few trips on his own. That is a change for us.

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