Sunset Yoga Fundraiser


Wednesday was cold and rainy for a Charlotte September day.  I almost canceled this event!  I am so glad I didn’t, because the sun started to push through the clouds while my husband and I were driving there.   The weather didn’t scare away the 67 yogis who showed for this Sunset Yoga event.  I am still in awe that we pulled this whole thing off.  It was a huge success!   The DJ,  and the photographer, Wanda Koch,  donated their time and talents to the cause.  Luckily, Rooftop210 didn’t charge for the space either.  All the proceeds were able to go straight to Thompson.


It didn’t hurt that these guys Devin and Chris showed up. The ladies in the group were really happy that these two hotties were there to assist.


Sometimes getting an assist in yoga doesn’t mean you are doing the pose wrong.  Or that you are doing it right.  Sometimes we  just have energy to give you through our touch.

I am overwhelmingly grateful to do what I love.  The Script has a new song out that is about just that…you can listen here:  It’s Not Right for You.  I think we ebb and flow in what is right for us, depending on timing, and our relationships with ourselves and others.


This was my shocked face when I was handed the envelope with the total amount donated.  $703!  We also got 4 giant bags filled with toiletries to donate to Thompson.


Ahhhh. .. this view!  Amazing.  If you missed this event, guess what?  I’m doing it again soon!  The next Rooftop Yoga will take place on Thursday,  October 2 at 6:30pm.  You will be able to  buy your ticket through Eventzilla on Sunday when the event goes live!  (a portion will go to Thompson.)  I will post the link on Facebook when it is up and ready!


It is not too late to come join in for September Project 12!

Saturday 9/202:00-3:00pm at OM Yoga

Thursday 9/25 9:30-10:30am at The Cornwell Center


**All pictures in this blog post are courtesy of Wanda Koch Photography**

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