Tennessee Trip


Am I the only one who eats cauliflower on road trips?  Probably.  It is one of my 12 foods for project 12 and my kids were in the back complaining about the smell the whole time…I loved it.  I kept eating it just to annoy them.   I know I’m not the only one who enjoys annoying their children.  🙂


Ice cream socials are BIG events in small town churches.  We have been going to this one in Tennessee, at my  Dad’s church for a  few years now.   But it has been going on for over 100 years!  They cookout burgers and dogs and there are several homemade ice cream flavors to choose from.


The cake walk and cake auction are the main fundraisers.   One of the cakes went for $580!  I bought this one for my husband for only $35.  God still loves me.  I promise.


The dunking booth.  And guess who volunteered to get dunked!


It was easy to stay with my 12 foods at the cookout. I even brought my own avocado as a “dressing” for this burger salad.  I’ll go ahead and admit that I ate some ice cream.  I know it is not on my list, but I am admitting it and God says he still loves me.


We were lucky enough to go to Dollywood this trip-my kids are tall enough to ride all the roller coasters!  (Summer Bucket list item 94)   See how happy they look?  Ha ha!   They were just sick of me taking pictures and wanted to go ride! I love roller coasters.  I love the thrill and the wind and the adrenaline rush.  But, as I have gotten older I have become more scared of them.  I will still ride them, but I scream the entire time!  (Maybe it is because I’m a mom now? )

I would recommend this place hands down.  It was very shady with all the trees, so we never got too hot.   The rides were awesome, there is an amazing bald eagle exhibit,  and the shows are top notch.  It is very big and not very flat, so our legs were really sore that night!

Roller Coasters?  Love them or leave them?


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