Texts with my Hubs

I often get a little smug, and think that my husband is so lucky to have scored me.  Then, I read through our texts, and wonder how he puts up with my craziness.    Previous incidences of this can be seen in these posts… Incidence 1, Incidence 2, Incidence 3, and Incidence 4.

I’ve decided I’ll just update you quarterly on our texts so you can feel sane and normal.  And possibly take my husband out for a beer.

Just to be clear, I am in the blue bubble and he is the grey bubble.  (Blue=hormonal craziness who hasn’t gone to yoga yet,   Grey=patience and grace)


I was at World Market trying to get the nicest place settings for Thanksgiving.  I set out all the different choices and then proceeded to have a panic attack because I was feeling really indecisive.   I realized he was working and probably wouldn’t care if we ate on paper towels.  Hence the “Great!” response from him


This all the same day.  Here I send him a photo of me scooping up a dead chicken, telling him I wear many hats.  (HA!)  Then,  one of my all time favorite bloggers tweets about my blog.  I forget about poor Onyx,  and actually think I will be signing autographs at dinner.    Also note that this is a one-sided conversation.  (this happens often.)


It is always nice to remind your husband to be sweet to your son (who was probably behaving like a maniac. )  How sexy that I remind my husband of the whole birthing process, then I mention possibly playing softball later.  I mean, do I only shower if we are playing softball?  Can you imagine his surprise when he realized I was actually talking about softball?   Then the last note…just a wee bit on the psycho side.  Remember the movie with Marky Mark, Fear?  That is all day long in this house.    Daniel and Kacy 4-eva.  Luckily he wrote back.   He’s too young to die.   Please note that this is a one-sided conversation also.


Yes.  I sent him a video when Pearl died.  It was just me crunching around in the leaves and showing him Pearl’s body.  I realize he is working, but that was a really traumatic time.  And why do normal people work so much?


Can you imagine if he would have answered wrong?

The last blue bubble is when I was already walking around the neighborhood and saw that he was home.  I stopped strolling and broke out into an almost run because I am 7 years old I guess.


Does he not realize that if getting the lemon juice is going to make him late I don’t even want it.  Lemon butter sauce is good just being butter sauce.


Do I want to scrub my nails or have tulips planted?  The real reason I have been so emotionally imbalanced, is because we are moving.  It is very hard for me because there are so many memories in this house.  Plus, change is scary.

Although that is stressful, I’m lying…that is not actually the reason I’ve been acting crazy.  I’m just crazy.  And very happy he loves my crazy.  <3


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