The Blah is Gone

I have value.

That little boy in the middle is my angel. He is valued.


My blah is gone.   I am valuable.  I feel better physically (sinus infection gone), so that helps.  Since I am a scale whore, and I weigh myself everyday, I have lost the weight I gained while I was on my sugar high last week.  I went through withdrawl this weekend.  I was a little sweaty, and shaky, and a whole lot grumpy.  I had to make some brownies for a party on Saturday night, so a few marshmallows may or may not have made it into my mouth.  (just enough to take the edge off…)

In all seriousness, I had a crazy busy, but emotionally fullfilling weekend.  I met friends for dinner Friday night, my son had his first basketball game Saturday morning, Saturday night my husband and I went to a party, and then my kids were in the Christmas play on Sunday evening.

I took a 3 hour nap on Saturday afternoon, and did a lot of yoga, including a meditation class.  (which was awesome!)  Shanna had us repeat affirmations aloud, whch was really powerful.  When you say “I am valuable” and “I have value” enough times, it starts to sink in.

My house was clean because I finally caved and got a cleaning lady.  (and I’m in love with her.)  She is valuable.

Basically, I love my family, friends, and my life.  I’m happy.  And I’m valuable.

Only downside…I got a ticket for speeding on the way home from dinner Friday night.  And had to take a breathalizer.  I passed with flying colors (blew a .016), even though I tripped on my high heels getting out of the car.


No worries.  I have value.   Your turn.  Say it out loud.  Repeat. 


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