The End of Spring Break

It’s crazy, but there are many Sundays that I still get that sinking feeling.  That feelslikearockisinyourbelly feeling.  That horrible anxious feeling I used to try to drink away.  I am so lucky that now, I get to remind myself that I don’t live my life that way.  I don’t have to dread going to work on Mondays.  I was miserable and did something about it.  I am so happy…even joyful!  I am actually excited about living my life.  It is pretty amazing.


Me and my favorite girl heading out for dinner!

 I remember that bittersweet feeling of Spring Break ending.  By then my own children were getting on my nerves, but I didn’t really want to go back to work.  Totally different now that I play for the other team.  (and that my kids are old enough to not get on my nerves quite as badly.)  I am sad for my kids to go back…we had an awesome week together.  I still got to teach most of my yoga classes and got to post blogs.  They completed their Spring break bucket list.   (we are really into bucket lists…last summer we had a list 100 items long!)   They wanted to eat lunch out, go to the library, do some crafts, see a movie, swim, eat ice cream, try a new recipe, play in the toy store, and take a field trip.  I just wanted to do whatever kept them from arguing, get a manicure, and go to  Starbucks everyday.


Swimming with friends at Ray’s Splash Planet.


Going to Sweet Frog with friends for frozen yogurt.


Spending more than “5 Seconds” in Toys and Co.  (Where I was apparently feeling a little romantic.)


Lots of this.  Lots.  Like everyday.  And check out that mani.


Trying out my new mask that came in my Birchbox.

Much more to share that is more interesting…I’ll post this week. A  new stuffed pepper recipe, Tupelo Honey review, The Blue Man group, and we got chickens.  Again.  (Third time is a charm!)

Happy Easter!

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