The Perfect Mascara…



A friend of mine had an online mascara party.  Yes.  This is a thing.  She said she has been on a lifelong quest to find the perfect mascara and this is THE ONE.  I have a habit of trying new beauty products!  I have a love affair with long lashes too,  and have used Latisse, and just about every mascara out there.  (Latisse is fabulous and works by the way…I just can’t afford to keep using it!)


Younique claims that your lashes will look long, thick and alluring with 3D fiber Lashes two-part mascara application.  Applying the fiber mascara is simple. Here is how it works… first, brush on the transplanting gel, then apply the natural fibers for incredible length and amplification.  For only $29, I was pretty impressed!


Top to bottom:  No mascara, wimpy mascara, 3-D Fiber lashes.    They really do create thicker, fuller, longer lashes!


Here is a side by side comparison.  (please excuse my fivehead)  I have 3-D Fiber Lashes on my right eye and regular mascara on my left eye.  (Looking at the picture– the eye on your left has the 3-D Fiber lashes and the one on your right has wimpy mascara.)


I wore these knock out lashes and taught 3  hot yoga class on Tuesday to see how they would stand up in the heat and humidity.  It was pretty awesome…no dripping black raccoon eyes!

Click HERE to order this amazing mascara!  You will love it!



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