Things to NOT buy if you are a binge eater

I have complied a photo list of items for that normal people can buy and keep in the pantry.  I cannot.  I am a hot and cold person.  If I love you, I LOVE YOU.  If I am doing yoga, I am in full splits and handstands.   If you are a cupcake, I am going to eat you…No, I will devour you….and all your little friends too.  I have admitted my sugar addiction and how it makes me crazy before and it is REAL.  I choose to only have things in my house that I will not binge on.  Except pickles, since they are basically a vegetable.


Whoever created these must die.  They taste like  KitKats.  GNC had these on sale.   Buy 3 get 1 free.  I thought this would be 4 days of protein yummy treats.  Nope.  Gone.  In like 3 seconds.  Poof.



I thought it would be fun to buy a 200 pack of Tic Tacs and keep the pack in my car.   I told my kids they could eat one a day, and they would last 100 days.  How exciting.  I got caught in traffic and 100 days turned into 100 seconds.  These were great 7 at a time.



This is the first year I did not order any Girl Scout cookies.  Or do drive-bys at Harris Teeter to get more when I eat the whole box.  Yes.  The whole box of Samoas.   I can kill a sleeve of Thin Mints as well.   Ask my husband.  He suggested I enter a competitive eating contest one time.  And I plotted ways to Lorena Bobbit him that night.



We can’t be like normal families when it snows and have hot chocolate by the fire.  Mommy eats all the marshmallows.  Yes.  This marshmallow addiction is nothing new.  When my addiction is in full force,  I even eat the marshmallows out of my kids cereal.



I saw these a while ago when I was shopping at Wal-Mart, had erotic dreams about it and went back and ate all twelve 1-2 servings.



Since they make almonds and pork rinds in this flavor, I am good.  Now.  But I used to make love to a bag of these on a road trip.

There you have it.  This is the short list by the way.  I will continue to add to this and take any and all suggestions.

What is your favorite binge food? 

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6 thoughts on “Things to NOT buy if you are a binge eater”

  1. I’m currently addicted to pretzels right now…but the honey wheat ones that are thicker twists. Could eat an entire bag…without sharing. A kid asked for some at school today in the sweetest ‘those look good’ kinda way. I really didn’t want to share but he worked hard for me so I did. I’m nice that way ☺️

  2. I have found that if I feel the urge to eat something sweet, I buy it. But then I leave it in the fridge until one of my kids (or husband) finds it, and I stalk them. Ducking behind couches, sneaking in on my prey . And patiently waiting until that very moment when….YES! The last bite! I swoop in and GRAB IT and lock myself in my safe place until I can no longer hear them yelling for their dad to come rescue their BEn & Jerry’s half baked ice cream from my claws.

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