This time I mean it!

Every Sunday, I tell myself the same thing.  This is the week I am going to eat clean and exercise everyday. I leave myself notes.   I pronounce this to my husband and my children.  I tell my friends that I will be at my goal weight by my birthday.  I’ve been doing this little charade for years.  I beg my husband for his support.  He says yes, but honestly the poor guy loses no matter what.  IMG_5806

But this really is the week.  (cue Rocky music)  For real this time.  I really want to be back in a healthy weight range for my height…instead of just toeing the line.  (meaning I am overweight if I gain .2 pounds)  Me and Stella just gotta get our groove back.  Why is it as soon as you pronounce you are eating clean your body is all like-  GIVE ME BREAD, DOUGHNUTS, AND MAC AND CHEESE.  (cue poltergeist music)   AND CHOCOLATE.  AND SOME FRENCH FRIES OR YOU WILL DIE.  OR KILL OTHERS.

I used to be so good about having a cheat meal be just a meal.  Just that meal.  I lived that 90/10 rule to a tee.  I’ve veered away and I desperately want to get back on track.  I am doing more of a 70/30 and it doesn’t work.  So, I am bringing my A game.  Not just to lose the extra weight.  When I am eating clean, I sleep better, my skin looks better, I am more confident, I have way more energy,  and it also helped to get me into remission a while back.  (which is soooo where I want to be.   It has been almost a year of this crap, no pun intended and this is not fun.)


I went swimming last week.  I used to swim competitively and was actually really good at it.  I bought some goggles and everything.  This was going to be my new thing, but I didn’t last long.  My ADD kicked in after I thought I swam at least 87 miles, but I looked at the clock and only 3 minutes had passed.  Then Mark Spitz’s twin brother got in my lane and basically hunted me down like he was a shark.  I was seriously swimming for my life.  To catch my breath, I had to keep going under the rope and joining the water aerobics class, then dipping back into my lane and doing laps.  (Yes.  The water aerobics instructor hated me.)   So, I am sticking to walking, yoga, and barre/sculpt classes.  Bottom Line  #1:  You have to do what you like or you aren’t going to do it!


I am not waiting until I am super hungry to eat either.  I do best when I have 5 mini meals.  Breakfast pictured above is spinach and our first egg from our new chickens.  Mid morning I’ll have a protein shake or a Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt.  Bottom Line #2:  eat a lot of mini meals with protein and veggies.


Lunch is usually a salad with a protein on top, or a meat and veggie combo.   This is the Power Chicken Hummus bowl from Panera.    I have blogged about this before because it is amazing and deserves a medal of honorary awesomeness.  Bottom Line #3;  Go get this salad.  (It’s actually supposed to be get 7-9 hours of sleep.  But you have to eat this salad.)


Afternoon snack is either a quest bar, smoothie, or an ounce of almonds.  This is rare that I have a package like this.  (but I was unprepared and made a great decision at a gas station.)   I usually buy it in bulk and measure out the almonds in 1 ounce portions to take on the go.  Nuts are one of those things that can be hard to stop once you start.   I love to eat, so I have to be very careful!  Did you read foods not to buy if you are a binge eater?  Bottom Line #4:  portions are important!




This is what the Easter Bunny brought me since I gave up diet soda for Lent.  I did really enjoy that, but I have tried to be very conscious of my diet soda intake.  (Some days only 1 a day…some days none!)


Shaken green tea replaces my skinny lattes.


Sparkling water.  This is when you are bored of still water.  Bottom Line #5:  Stay hydrated!

Adding up all the bottom lines, I am basically going to eat protein/veggie combos 5 times a day, watch my portions, do an exercise that I like, get lots of sleep, and drink my water.  Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks!  Following these 5 things to a tee had me out of remission and in my skinny jeans a few years back.  Wish me luck!



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