Many of my teacher friends, yoga friends, mommy friends, and family friends have asked me what I do with all my free time now that I am not teaching full-time anymore.  I thought I would post my schedule on various days to answer any questions you may have about my daily life!  (spoiler alert:  I don’t sit around and eat bonbons all day. )

Here is a look at yesterday:

5:00am:  Alarm goes off, get out of bed, get dressed, drink coffee, check emails, feed and let Toby out, write yoga sequence. (I teach the same sequence for a week.  I always switch it up on Thursdays!)

6:00am- Teach yoga class at Y2 Yoga.

7:30am- Back at home, shower, wake my kids up, drink a protein shake, straighten up, feed chickens, make lunches, walk them to the bus stop.

8:45am-walk back home, pack up for the day, and head over to teach my next class.


9:30am- teach yoga class at The Cornwell Center.  I teach the most amazing group of women here.  (I have only had one guy ever participate!)  These women are always ready to try new and exciting poses- and they are so grateful.


10:45am- Make a quick stop at the library to drop off books, and grab a few more.  My kids are big readers, so a library stop twice a week is the usual for me.  Yes.  That book on top is titled, We Give A Squid A Wedgie.  Don’t judge me.  They are reading.

11:00am- Head to Laughing Buddha to have my own practice.  Dawn, the owner, teaches a special 75 minute power yoga class on Thursdays.    This class is slower paced, with long holds in a heated room.  She always brings unique challenges–either with  inversions or variations of traditional poses.  Yesterday, we did standing Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana (sundial)  instead of Birds of Paradise.  I did this pose for the Yes Yoga Has Curves photo shoot back in September of last year, and it has always been a favorite of mine.  I loved the standing variation Dawn led us through.

1:00pm- I showered at the studio, ate lunch in the car on the way to run a few errands.  (lunch was chicken breast and mashed avocado–Project 12 approved!)   I deposited a few checks, got gas, then went to the nail salon to see Terry, my favorite!


2:30pm- Took this quick shot of my new short pink nails after my manicure.  I love gel nails and how I can make a manicure last an amazing 3 weeks!  I got a polish change for my toenails, and I drank a pick me up from Starbucks.


3:00pm- I teach a class on Thursday afternoon, so my husband is always in charge of dinner.  He can cook, I promise, but he and Brody had plans, so we needed a quick dinner.  The baked eight from Harris Teeter, with sautéed spinach, and watermelon I already prepped earlier this week.


3:20pm- Made a quick stop at my favorite store in Matthews!  My chickens were low on laying feed and scratch.


3:40pm- Another quick stop for the chickens.  Ah, the life of a chicken farmer never ends!  I go to Whooli’s, a neighborhood bar and grill and few times a week to get vegetable  scraps for my hens.  Look at this lettuce–my chickens eat better than a lot of humans I know!


4:20pm- Teach yoga class at Y2 Yoga.  I am so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to mentor Molly, a recent graduate of yoga teacher training.  Y2 has an amazing mentor/mentee program that really helps new teachers feel comfortable assisting, sequencing, making playlists, and feeling comfortable receiving feedback.

6:00pm- Home to eat dinner!  My absolute favorite time of the day with my family.

6:45pm- Husband and Brody head out to do Boy Scout stuff, and Kadyn and I finish up the dishes, bring the chickens in, and shower.

7:15pm- Kadyn and I watch So You Think You Can Dance from last week.  We rewind Twitch’s wedding dance 3 times.   I love him.

8:00pm- Brody gets home, kids brush teeth, get ready for bed.  (They are allowed to read untill 9:00pm)  I check email, facebook, and  do laundry.

9:00pm- Bed.  Yes.  I am the biggest early bird.  I love going to bed early.  I seriously require 8-10 hours of sleep!

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