Top Six Beauty Picks!

My daughter and I went into Ulta the other day and stocked up on some old favorites and tried some new products as well.  Totally out of my comfort zone to buy new products, but my daughter pushes me!

Side note:  Words of wisdom…take your middle school daughter out for sushi.  I swear it is like the wasabi is truth serum or something.  Do not go to Ulta with her after sushi if you have had any adult truth serum.  AKA: mommy juice.  Too much money will be spent!

It has been a while since I shared my favorites with you… I still love my concelear, and the Bare Minerals BB cream is still the best in my opinion!

Here is a look at some other purchases we made:


  1.  Bare Minerals eye makeup remover.  I have been madly in love with this stuff for years.  I finally caved and bought my daughter the same kind because she has to rub her eyes hard with the cheap stuff and still wakes up looking like a raccoon.


2.  Too Faced Bronzer.  The lady totally talked me into buying this.  I have been using warmth, but she put some of this on me and I loved the way it looked.  Winter requires a face that is a little cooler, rather than warm.  Plus, it smells like hot chocolate.


3.  This Tarte eyelash curler.  Go get you one.  I will never buy another eyelash curler again.  It keep my lashes turned up all day long.  Better to be turned up then turned down for what.  (ha ha!) I got the colossal mascara, and my daughter got pumped up.  Yes.  My lashes are turned up and colossal and hers are pumped.


4.  Bare minerals foundation for me,  and a mineral veil for each of us.  I don’t want my daughter to wear a ton of makeup, so we negotiated on mineral veil and mascara.  I love when they have these big jars on sale during the holidays.  They last forever!


5.  This No7 line.  I love it.   I feel like I finally found an affordable solution for my skin.  I run out of the night cream and face wash monthly.  The mask, exfoliator and the day cream I buy every other month.  I have not gotten so many compliments on  my skin in years.  I give credit to this skin care line, Plexus, drinking more water, and of course Mandy.


6.  Oscar de la Renta.  My favorite and only perfume.  My mom’s favorite and only as well.  When I was buying this bottle I asked my daughter if she was going to have a signature perfume as well.  She told me she liked mine.  swoon.

I want to mention that all these photos were taken by the lovely Kadyn Pleasants.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I am praying for you.  xo

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