Don’t be a Topper

Unless you are at at frozen yogurt joint, “Toppers” suck.  This would be the person who always has a better related story than you. These people are usually people who need a lot of attention or need some type of validation as an equal or believes they are better than everyone else.


For example; you tell a story about how you got to ride in a speed boat, the “topper” tells you they got to ride in a custom speed boat that was so much better than the one you rode in. Most of these people do not realize the are doing it but you will notice they do it for just about any story that comes up in conversation.

When I was first diagnosed with UC which is in the IBD “umbrella”, a few people told me they understood.  They had IBS.  I’m sorry, but not the same thing.  (You can read more about the differences on my here:  comparing apples to oranges)   You don’t tell someone who has chronic migraines that you had a headache one time.  These friends were not meaning to be toppers.  They were trying to find a common thread to be sympathetic.

Looking back, I realize there have been times that I have been a topper.  And not in the awesome way like at Yoforia.  Sometimes when someone shares a story, good or bad, it is best to just let them share. (meaning shut your mouth) Nod, smile, frown, or give them a hug of joy or compassion.


I’m a work in progress.  And I am progressing to not be a Topper.


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”  –Plato


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