Turning Dreams into Reality


Have you ever had one of those dreams that seemed so real that it was hard to shake once you woke up?  Above is a text I sent my husband yesterday after a dream I had.  I am not a dream interpreter, but I do still think it is strange that he didn’t understand why I was mad in the dream.  Um, Hello?

I was still mad when I woke up.  My heart was pounding, so I may have kicked him a little when I woke up and saw him laying there sleeping all smugily.  (Sorry babe.  and I don’t know if smugily is a word, but I love it.)  I drove to the Y to teach my yoga class at 6am still feeling that pit in my stomach and having to take deep breaths.  My mind knew it was a dream, but my heart was still trying to catch up to reality.

In real life, it’s quite the opposite.  My heart is chasing a dream, and my mind is trying to adapt and catch up.  I am done with my baby steps.  Instead, I am jumping out and trying to become fearless.  Staying true to my most authentic self and doing what lights me up.   My Christmas present to myself was pretty big this year.  I not saying that anyone has decided to start a new blog, audition at yet another yoga studio, volunteer time at a children’s home, and put in their 30 days elsewhere.  But maybe I am saying that too.


Merry Christmas to me.  I’m scared as can be.  Is this the right thing?  We’ll find out this spring.  (sung to the tune of Happy Birthday to you.  sing it.)



Two books I read last week…these helped my mind understand where my heart has been all along!


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