Update on March Project12


Not going out to eat this month pretty much sucks.  I think it sucks worse because I said I can’t go out to eat.  You know, like when you start a diet and you decide you aren’t eating sweets, and you are all like:  “GIve me all the thin mints in the world right now!!”

We really don’t eat out that often…as a family once a week, maybe.  And that might even only be  Wednesday night supper at church.   I look forward to at least one meal a week where I don’t cook/clean.  Yes, my kids and husband help, but going out to eat feels like a big luxury to me and I just really enjoy it.  But– I had gotten into a habit of eating out for lunch almost daily, then eating out for dinner a few times a week also.  I absolutely love eating out…but that is entirely too much!  Too much food and too much money.  I was hoping to save enough money this month to go on a cruise to Alaska, but it might look more like a new pair of lulu pants.

I wish I could say that I have eaten every single meal at home.  Almost…but not the case.   I have found a few ways to sneak around this Project 12. 


My mom and I go to lunch every Thursday.  It is a tradition that I love and want to continue.  So, we had our lunch date at Which Wich.  I had a gift card that a friend gave me…you don’t have to leave a tip there, so I didn’t spend any of my money.


My friends and I met at Cantina 1511 for lunch.   (Yes.  This is our table….  see why I love going out to eat?)   I had a Living Social deal that I bought last month, so I was able to throw that in and they were sweet enough to cover the tip!  There are ways around!

I don’t even know if you would consider these “cheats”.  I don’t think they justify as a cheat since I technically didn’t spend any money.  And it was awesome.

I would love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment on the blog!  How often do you eat out?   Do you consider what I did a “cheat”?

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2 thoughts on “Update on March Project12”

  1. I have a hard time with this as well. Part of me only wants to eat at a restaurant only when it feels special, like at Fern or someplace fancy. The other part of me wants to order Chinese takeout on a Friday night. I can’t afford to do both! And really, I’d rather buy new lulu pants…

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