We Made it!


My son always comes up with these big exciting ideas.  Remember what he had in his backpack the first day of school?   Today he wanted to be a cat, so I let him.  I could have fought this, but he brushed his teeth and I pick my battles around here.  Plus,  he is so ridiculously cute and he totally knows how to play me.

Brody is the one who had the  amazing idea for our family to read 100 books this summer.  We are always up for a challenge, so we all agreed.  We finished after school started…but we finished.  It IS technically still summer until the first day of fall, right?


My daughter, the future kindergarten teacher, made us a bulletin board to track our progress.  I am waiting for her to get out the orange/red/yellow construction paper and cut leaves for our “Fall is Here!” switch over.


Most of the books were quality reading…but I had to let them read some fun Fly Guy.

In case you missed it, here is a look at what we read:

100 Books Part One
100 Books Part Two
100 Books Part Three


As for our summer bucket list we were so excited to complete…we managed to hit over half.  (49 items out of 90.)  Not too bad for my first summer managing work/home life.

Stay tuned!  I have exciting stuff to share–my bulletproof coffee, a recipe for pimento cheese zucchini boats, and  the nitty gritty on beauty treatment I had done.   (hint:  it rhymes with Youvaperm)


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