We went shooting!

So, one of my #37in37 list items was to go to a shooting range.  I am actually very comfortable around guns. My dad had several guns and taught me how to correctly hold and shoot rifles and pistols, gun safety, and how to aim and fire different firearms.


Off me and my hubby went to Carolina Sporting Arms for an afternoon of fun!  I had a Groupon (of course!), but this is not a cheap hobby.  The gun rental, space rental and safety equipment is not bad…Its the ammo that gets you.  Be prepared to spend up to $100, depending on what type of gun(s) you want to shoot.  (They are getting in automatic machine guns soon…I cannot wait to go back.  GI Jane better watch herself.)


All protected with safety eye glasses and sound proof earmuffs.  (Which you get to keep!)



Here is my favorite little pistol  I shot.  Very light, and easy to load.  My aim was pretty good for being out of practice.  I even beat my hubby!


This is Larry.  Sweet Larry helped us out tons and answered all our questions.  He loaded the bullets into the magazine in 30 seconds.  I pretended I didn’t know how to load after a while because, let’s face it, the shooting is the fun part!


My man looking smoking hot.  <3


Do not worry about lead contamination  They take a ton of precautions with special soap, wipes, sticky mats for your shoes when leaving, and a state of the art ventilation system.


I have to admit that this was pretty bad ass.  I’ll go back for sure.  Wednesday night is ladies night…how fun would that be?


I love doing life with this guy!

Date night, ladies night, mother-son time, on your lunch break…go check this place out asap!

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