Weekend Recap


We were lucky enough to score tickets to the Knights game Friday night! My kids were pretty stoked…even though the Knights lost the game, it was a so fun to be out and about with my family.  The new stadium is really nice, with some pretty sweet views of the Charlotte skyline!    I have some yogi friends (that also own Red Rocks, so go eat there.)  that were so generous to give us tickets.


Watching fireworks is on our summer bucket list.  We thought we missed our big opportunity when the fireworks were cancelled because of Hurricane Arthur when we were on our beach trip.  The fireworks after the game were awesome…along with a fun summer sound track mix playing in the background.


I taught my usual Saturday morning yoga class at Laughing Buddha, then went to a friend’s house for the day.  All the husband’s went and played golf and us girls hung out with the kiddos. We were laughing at how chauvinistic it  sounded…All the men play golf while we stay at home, tend to the children, and make them dinner when they get back!

It was so sweet to see all the kids together…11 kids in all ranging in age from 12 weeks to 11 years old.  (plus a few mommies to be!)  I used this as  my cheat meal (off keto) and ate 2 of these brownies that my friend’s husband baked.  He calls them “diabetic coma brownies”.    They had a layer of peanut butter rice krispy treat, a layer of vanilla frosting, then a layer of brownie.  My mouth is watering just remembering it.


I met my step mom for breakfast on Sunday morning to deliver my daughter in her hands.  Kadyn is going to spend a week in Tennessee with family.  She loves to go up in the summer and spend time with everyone there.  Canning School…they can a ton of vegetables and she is a huge help!


And of course my son beat me in checkers.  I’d like to blame it on the diabetic coma I was probably still in from the brownies the night before.



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