Weekend Recap

My husband had a golf trip this weekend, so just me and the kiddos all weekend.  Friday night, we went to Salsaritas because who cooks on Fridays? it is the only restaurant on my March Project 12 list.  I meant to take a picture of my naked burrito, but I ate it before I remembered that I am a blogger.  Bloggers take pictures and document meals, workouts, events, and how often the dog poops.  Bloggers tell you when they are sad, happy and exploit their husband for Hey Girl material.  And you love it, and you read it.  Well, in my case, at least 14 people do.

Saturday morning,  I accidentally looked under my son’s bed and flipped out because I was scared an animal was going to jump out and eat us all.  I checked under my daughter’s bed.  Same story.  My poor husband would come home from playing golf, and we would be nothing but bones all over the house.  He might even cry- after he watched the game and realized there was no dinner.

We filled 4 bags of garbage…seriously.  And donated lots of books.


Ashley Masters and I taught a Yin Yang workshop at BeYoga on Saturday afternoon.  I start the yogis off with an hour of power, then Ashley leads an hour of deep stretch.  This is a popular workshop we have done several times at Y2 Yoga and we decided to take the show on the road!


Next Stop:  Mint Hill Yoga April 12 4-6pm!  Join us!

I taught a class at the Siskey YMCA on Sunday afternoon.  Look at these two awesome yogis in side crow!


I love having the opportunity to teach and practice at so many different amazing studios in Charlotte!  We Charlotte yogis are so lucky!

My mom is one of the 14 people who read my blog, and she felt really bad for me, since my last post I was complaining about being out of mineral veil.  She also reads my mind and knew I needed perfume too.  I was down to rubbing the cilantro from Salsaritas all over my neck and wrists.  We are also twins and didn’t even plan it.


And, in breaking news… Yoforia opened up.  I told the kids we had to wait until April since it is not on the list.  This sweet girl treated us with her allowance!


Cheers!  Have an awesome week! 

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