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Saturday morning, my husband took both children to Gary, WV to deliver Christmas gifts.  I am so proud of all of them for doing this.  It is a long drive, but so rewarding.  I will post a blog this week recapping their trip.

I stayed behind because I had to work.  I taught my usual Saturday morning class at Laughing Buddha, then met my mom for a quick walk.  It felt great to teach a group of grateful yogis, then have some time with my mom to chat, while getting in a little exercise too.


I had time to come home and create my playlist for a Yin Yang workshop I was co-teaching with my friend Ashley.   This song by Iggy Azalea is a must play during yoga, teeth brushing, treadmilling, cleaning(I mean Alycia should play it), and driving….pretty much play it non stop.

I knew what my big Saturday night plans were ahead of time, and I announced it to my workshop yogis when I  played “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan.   We all had a big laugh picturing my big night ahead…I mean I have the house to myself and this is how I do it…


Oh, I’m buzzing because this is how I do it.  I vacuum just like nobody does.  This is how I do it.  To all my neighbors who got mad carpet, I ‘ll never come whack and bring my old broom back.     (Remember we like to make up lyrics to songs…which by the way is something that geniuses do.)

I will say, I did have dinner plans, and they fell through.  Instead of making other plans, I dated myself.  (pretty great company.)  I went and got a new vacuum.  Ours sucks.  Actually it doesn’t suck.  That is the problem.  I have been borrowing a friend’s.  And by that I mean,  I go get it every two weeks before my cleaning lady comes so she can use it.   My husband and both kids have mild to pretty severe allergies.  We need a good vacuum.   Alycia, our cleaning lady deserves a good vacuum.


Like a true adult, I read all the reviews (meaning three good ones) for the Shark, and decided to go for it.  It was half the price of a Dyson, plus I had a 20% off coupon.   My poor kids will never get to go to The Great Wolf Lodge, but I will show them the really cool attachments on our new vacuum.  Meaning Alycia can show them.  I told you I was really into giving this December, so this is actually a gift for her.   Yay for giving!  I will admit…as much excitement as this was, the vacuum was still in the box in my car when husband came home this afternoon.  He had to put it together and try it out.  But not try it out too much.  We had to save some for Alycia.


After that wild ride at Bed Bath and Beyond, I hit up Harris teeter and came home to snuggle with this sweetie.  I ate takeout sushi and binge watched Lifetime movies.  It was relaxing and exactly what I needed after a busy week.

I subbed for a friend Sunday morning, then came home and started to cook.  I volunteered to cook for the youth group at our church.  Breakfast for dinner is always a huge success at my house, and since the tweens and teens at youth group are basically big kids, I hoped they would like it too.


I made a huge crockpot of sausage gravy, lot of biscuits, and these two  cheesy egg hashbrown casseroles.


And since I am pretty sure teenagers eat enough sugar, I just brought fruit for dessert.  Blackberries, raspberries, pineapple and cantaloupe.  I put it in separate bowls, because I wasn’t sure how teens were about their food touching.  My kids still totally freak about this sometimes.

I taught my usual Sunday evening class at Y2 Yoga, then I met my family for a beautiful Advent Garden service at church.

Stay tuned for lots of updates this week.  I hope you had an amazing weekend full of exactly what you needed.   <3


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  1. Sounds like a great Saturday night to me! The other day I bought lamps at Target and Patrick was more than slightly worried at how excited I was. Can’t wait to hear more about Brody’s trip!

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