Weight Loss

My One Year Anniversary!

It has been one year today since I changed my eating (high protein/gluten free/no sugar)
for my ulcerative coilitis.  And, since I am a self-diagnosed scale whore and weigh myself daily, I know that I have lost exactly 28.4 pounds in this year.

My first thought of course is a negative one…A year is a long time, and that isn’t much weight to lose.  I still have 10-15 pounds to get to my goal range.

So, I get out my calculator and look at it in different ways…

I lost 2.367 pounds every month this year.

I lost .547 pounds every week this year.

I lost .078 pounds every day this year.

If you wanna know the hours/minutes/seconds, text me.

Does that even matter?  I put my calculator away and look at in different ways…I can now fit into clothes I coudn’t.  I ran a 5K, and a 10K.  I can see and feel my muscles.  (I have a six pack…it is just under a layer of fat.  a smaller layer than one year ago.)  I have lost almost 20 inches.  My stomach issues are gone for the most part.  I am in complete remission.  I got my box gap back. (previous blog post…)  I can do some pretty awesome arm balances.  I can lead a zumba class of women for an hour.  (talking and dancing)  I can do a lot of push ups.  (the boy ones)  I can do a split.


I feel strong.  I am strong. 


You have to stay in shape.  My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60.  She is 97 today and we don’t know where the hell she is.” 

               –Ellen Degeneres

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