What is The Lunch Project?


 The Lunch Project believes all children should have a chance to succeed and that education is the key to prosperity and growth for individuals and communities. We further believe in fostering a sense of philanthropy and global awareness for families in the United States and Tanzania. The Lunch Project’s goal is to provide long-term financial support to enable Tanzanian mothers to cook and serve a nutritional meal to schoolchildren in Tanzanian primary schools so children will be better equipped to learn.  (Read more HERE)


I had the opportunity to meet the amazing Rebecca Wofford, founder of TLP,  when she came to Matthews Presbyterian last Sunday.  Hearing her presentation really hit home.  This is so simple.  Why haven’t  I done this with my children?  Why haven’t I rallied up my wine drinking book club to go in on a lunch for 900 students?

I had heard about The Lunch Project before from my friend Katie, and also my friend Christine.  (Christine is the same genius friend who also taught me lessons in car grooming.)

Katie, a fellow blogger actually went to Tanzania!  (her story)

Christine got involved with TLP through her children’s school.  I love the idea of getting kids involved.   Here is what Christine had to say:

So, I first learned about the TLP through the kids’ school (Antioch Elementary).  They have done a fundraiser/educational event for a few years .  The first year (2011?) Students could buy Lunchskins (reusable baggies) and proceeds went to TLP.  I heard/met Rebecca speak and present at the school that year and was just so inspired by her ability to answer the “call” she was hearing.  As a teacher, feminist-y, and mom–this just hit me in all my passionate areas.  

The next year (I think) I decided that sponsoring a lunch was a no brainer.  The kids could be part of the process by donating some of their own money and they were so stoked when they saw the Tanzanian school kids holding the sign (it’s on my Facebook page under “charity”).  (I spend $85 at dumb Target without blinking an eye, so this seemed money so well spent.). My consumerism had so disgusted me at that point.  I have been working diligently since at buying less…
This year (2014) kids at our school did a “Dime a Day”to raise funds.  Basically, encouraging students to bring loose change. This was just last week. 
I brought TLP to the attention of our PW and we were able to give a nice donation this year.  TLP has such a low overhead that the money goes directly to the students.  The PW donation is how I came up with the idea to have her speak at church. She has no speaking fee (yay!) and it’s mission/education/justice oriented, which lines up with MPC values.

Kids get it.  They get that these students in Tanzania are hungry.  They get that these kids do not have nourishment to get them through a day of learning.  They get that even loose change adds up!

$85.00 feeds 900 students for a day.  It’s that simple.

Want to sponsor a lunch?  CLICK HERE!  Get your whole family involved.  Show them the pictures on the website.  Make the corn porridge and let your kids taste it.  Talk about how they cook on an open fire instead of a microwave.

Kids learn how do be adults by watching what we do.  We can be the greatest role models by taking simple steps towards teaching empathy, kindness, and love.


Kids at church tasting the corn porridge that the Tanzanian students eat every single day.  Once a year, for a special holiday meal,  they get red beans and rice.

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    1. Rebecca- this was not our last rodeo together! It was a pleasure meeting you and I can’t wait to work with you again!

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