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I cannot believe it has been a week since I wrote something.  I have been crazy busy in all the ways that involve unplugging and connecting with real live people.  It has been really fulfilling.


I led a yoga retreat this past weekend…Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!  Luckily these women were brilliant, beautiful, hilarious, and we had a blast!


At the retreat center, there was an art studio, so I threw some pottery for the first time ever! After only about 17 tries, I ended up with a lopsided bowl that I had to make into a heart to give it some character!   I was thinking it would be perfect for guacamole.


Wi-fi and cell phone service was pretty shabby on the mountain.  It was such a nice break to actually talk to people and not get caught up in social media.  I’ll post a blog next week with more details about the trip…plus another retreat coming in April of 2015.



I only want to eat avocados right now, so that is what I am eating.  A few days a week, I am busy going here and there, so I have to pack my lunch.  Pretty easy…I just sprinkle with salt and pepper and eat it with a spoon.

And how about I let my daughter pick out my nail color?  We went to get mani/pedis because of her awesome report card.  I told her she could pick whatever color…that is relinquishing control!  Plus, I get gel, so this was at least a two week commitment.  Luckily, she takes after me and has amazing taste!


This little piggy went to the bank…we have been saving our change.  I wanted to see about how much this piggy bank holds…Around $120 this go ’round.  This is perfect because I have my eye on some really cute boots.


I am still using the Rodan and Fields line.  Above shows my results…First picture being before, second after one week, the third after 3 weeks.  I tried to take these selfies in my car, around the same time of day, and didn’t use a filter.  Yo can really see the difference.  I can’t wait to see my results after 6 weeks.


I have been trying to soak up this last little bit of amazing weather.  Toby and I have been walking in the afternoons…my favorite Pandora station?  90’s Hip Hop Radio.  I swear Toby’s ears perk up and he starts to strut a little when Snoop comes on.   I am about to redo my playlists for my yoga classes.  Don’t be surprised if you are holding your warriors to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Stay tuned for my November Project 12, where we are going to get rid of some clutter and neaten things up a bit.   An Instagram Challenge!  #neatnessnovember!


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