When the kids are away…

Mani/Pedi Day!

Let’s see how long this polish lasts…

No work for me today!  Yay!  I took an early yoga class (6:30am) then came home and took my kids to Tom Sykes Recreation Center.  Every teacher workday they have “Play the Day Away” which runs from 9am-5pm.  My kids love it, and it is only $25.00

This left me the day to get a mani/pedi with my sister who is in town!

I also had to shop for the first Thanksgiving at our house ever.  Not a stressful one though, like everyone else seems to be having!  Just me, my husband, and our two kids.   My husband is pretty traditional, so he still wanted a turkey with all the fixin’s.

I came home from the grocery store and made this quick salad.  My favorite pimento cheese was on sale!

From there, I had to go back to the studio for another yoga class!  I am doing a challenge through the holidays…62 classes in 62 days.  I had to double up for some other days I have missed!

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