working out on vacay

Do you exercise when you are on vacation?  Or just totally relax?

I have done both before…but I like the way I feel when I work out.  I am a happier mom, wife and Kacy when I do.
Last week my family and I vacationed in Nags Head, which is part of the Outer Banks.  We go every year to the same place, and see the same people.  We call them our “Time Share Family”!  The place we stay offers a week Y membership…so nice, right?  I found it easy just to go ahead and wake up and get it done early in the morning.

Here is a look at my workouts each day:



Saturday:  We checked in around 5, and took a long walk on the beach…then completed with handstand practice!

Sunday:  I woke up and went for a 2 mile power walk on the beach by myself.

Monday:  Yoga at the Y with my favorite OBX teacher, Anne Howard.


Tuesday:  One of my time share family members, Dani and I took a body design class.  Lots of weights, squats, push-ups.  Hard, but good!



Wednesday: Back to the Y for early morning yoga, then my family and I climbed Jockey’s Ridge.  Climbing the big dune was pretty tough after all the lunges from Tuesday’s class, but we made it.  It was on my  #37in37 list, so I had to knock it out.  Oh, and we did more handstands and cartwheels.


Thursday:  Back to Body Design class for more torture!  And later some whip and nay-nay practice.  Do your kids love to dance?  Mine do…it is one of our favorite things to do together!


Friday:  Yoga with Anne again–my friend Frances was in town so we met for class!

If you don’t work out on vacation, don’t feel bad.  I did put in a good hour-hour and a half in the morning, but the rest of my days looked like this:



or sometimes like this:



I am off to the beach again tomorrow for my second Barre/Yoga Fusion retreat!  I will get my workouts in the weekend for sure.  Interested in a retreat?  We have spots left in our August retreat if you want in!

Stay tuned for my next blog–I am reviewing all the books I read last week!  XO


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