Yoga for a Cause- Charlotte Yoga

I taught my last donation class last Saturday evening for September’s Project 12 at Charlotte Yoga.  It was such a fun group of yogis…completely mixed levels, with some brand new students, some who have practiced for decades, and several teachers!

The owner of Charlotte Yoga was kind enough to donate the space for the class, as well as some prizes for a raffle.  Everyone who made a donation earned a raffle ticket.  People ended up scoring t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, headbands, and manduka towels!


This big group of yogis helped to raise $215 and a giant bag filled with toothpaste!


I always love hearing the chatter of everyone before class starts, verses what you hear when class is over!  (in most cases people are much more relaxed, and very happy after a class)


Half Moons!  After class, several of us went next door and ate dinner together.

I am excited to announce the total raised this month came to $729,  6 toothbrushes, and 28 tubes of toothpaste!  I will go hand deliver these items tomorrow.  I set my goal pretty high, and didn’t quite get there, and I am okay with that.  The money and supplies donated will help so many in need.

As we close out the month, and wrap up another Project 12, I want to thank Laughing Buddha, Rooftop210, Visions, and Charlotte Yoga for opening up your doors and donating your space.

Yogis, thank you for coming out, donating money, buying the toothpaste, driving to a class out of your way, bringing friends, and just showing up.  Love you.  <3


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